Ask the Experts: What is dry-brushing and does it work?

I have read that dry-brushing your legs aids boost the pores and skin. What specifically does it include, and how does it perform? Kathy, 50

Dry brushing has been utilized for hundreds of years and is a cross among pores and skin exfoliation and therapeutic massage. It functions from the outdoors in and though no scientific proof exists on its detoxifying rewards, stimulating the lymphatic technique can support your human body to change squander and harmful toxins at a more rapidly charge. It also aids tone the muscle tissues and connective tissues below the pores and skin by distributing the fatty deposits evenly. Use a organic bristle brush and carefully sweep upwards in excess of your pores and skin with lengthy strokes, starting up from the toes and relocating to your thighs. It is ideal accomplished right after a heat shower but your pores and skin ought to be dry, and you can then stick to up by utilizing your favorite human body oil. Brushing your legs in the early morning could support you come to feel energised through the working day, and can actually boost the appear and come to feel of your pores and skin.

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