There are natural ways to keep yourself looking younger. Picture: istock

Can you rewind your body clock?

CAN you switch back again the clock on ageing?

Effectively, it relies upon who you inquire. Fitness center assessments, on the web quizzes and Television exhibits have popularised the notion that ‘chronological’ age is just a amount — a look at endorsed by 33-yr-previous Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, who promises to have a ‘biological age’ of 23.

Lately, far more scientific strategies have promised to dive into your genes to find out how prolonged you have obtained remaining and what you can count on as the several years tick by.

But which, if any, truly function?

There are natural ways to help rewind your body clock.

There are normal techniques to aid rewind your human body clock.Resource:ThinkStock

To begin with, it is extremely hard for an on the web age-checker to inform considerably about you from queries about your midsection dimensions and purple wine consumption. What these assessments do is evaluate your susceptibility to a variety of chance variables that are typically connected to age-connected illnesses — say, diabetic issues if you are over weight.

Assessments accomplished in fitness centers contain far more metrics like grip energy and blood strain, but they are also in essence measuring the chance of age-connected illness, not your body’s organic age.

“We require to distinguish in between the ageing method and the typical sorts of illness that arise with age,” points out Professor Jamie Timmons of King’s Higher education London in the British isles.

“We all display diverse sorts of age-correlated illness designs: Some get osteoporosis, some dementia, other folks diabetic issues — but none of these is ‘ageing’.”

The most in-vogue technique of quantifying ageing is to observe the condition of your telomeres.

These are the protecting finishes of chromosomes and a single extensively-cited idea retains that, considering that they expand shorter each and every time a mobile divides, they are a important indicator of general age. But it is much from getting approved science.

Cosmetic surgery is not the only way you can look and feel younger.

Beauty surgical procedure is not the only way you can search and really feel youthful.Resource:Provided

“Telomeres evaluate the age of a solitary mobile [but] we’re composed of billions of cells of diverse ages,” states Professor Gordan Lauc of the College of Zagreb in Croatia. Lauc is the founder of GlycanAge, a business that indicates an substitute evaluate of ageing:

analysing antibodies in our blood referred to as immunoglobulin glycans.

“We really don’t actually know why we age, but there are two important hypotheses,” he points out.

“The initial is that it is a programmed system to eradicate previous folks and help save assets, normally [we’d all be] ingesting meals and not generating toddlers. The next is that as we get more mature, we satisfy far more antigens — viruses, micro organism, meals — which have a professional-inflammatory influence. Both way, the consensus is that ageing is connected to swelling, which is connected to immunoglobulin.”

But not every person agrees.

“Immunoglobulin glycosylation is a traditional illustration of a aspect that correlates with age-connected illness, which qualified prospects some individuals to conclude that it have to evaluate ‘biological ageing’, but that is a round argument,” states Timmons.

Baffled? It is a really puzzling region, but there is hope. Even if no person can concur on the very best markers of ageing — or its brings about — you can shield by yourself from its ravages. Read through on to locate out how.

10 Methods TO Gradual AGEING

EVEN if you can not rewind your organic clock, you may be capable to oil the gears. Here’s how to get commenced

“In my impression, organic ageing is about 50 for each cent genetically established, and 50 for each cent motivated by environmental variables,” states Lauc.

Advocates of the telomere and DNA designs mostly concur with this — and so does Timmons, albeit cautiously:

“I really don’t feel there is proof nevertheless that we can change our ‘biological age clock’ by means of life-style, but it does appear that longevity up to an typical age of 80 is hugely modifiable.”


It is a single of the leading seafoods for omega-three fat and vitamin D, each of which are connected with lengthier telomeres. It also has back links to much better bone wellness. Attempt mixing in a sprint of harissa paste and Greek yoghurt and serving it on toast.


It is not just about sending a information at get-togethers. “A weak grip can be a indication of diminished muscle mass mass and bone density — or osteoporosis — as you age, ensuing in improved frailty, chance of falls and fractures, incapacity, and even mortality,” states Sarah Lindsay, a personalized coach and previous Olympian

three. Reduce Back again ON BOOZE

There are natural ways to keep yourself looking younger. Picture: istock

There are normal techniques to hold by yourself seeking youthful. Image: istockResource:istock

Ingesting as well considerably liquor in excess of time can worsen age-connected problems which includes osteoporosis, diabetic issues, substantial blood strain and chance of stroke.

four. Try to eat Far more Vegetation

“A diet regime substantial in antioxidant-abundant food items these kinds of as fruit, greens and nuts is connected with improved longevity,” states nutritionist Anne-Marie O’Shea.

five. Devote More time IN Mattress

“Adults of 45+ who snooze considerably less than 6 several hours a evening are 200 for each cent far more probably to have a coronary heart assault or stroke than these who snooze 7 or 8 several hours,” states Lindsay.

six. Whilst You are THERE …

A 10-yr review by specialist medical psychologist Dr David Months identified that standard intercourse created each males and ladies search in between 5 and 7 several years youthful.


Dr Ann Robinson of Bupa Well being Clinics states: “Strength coaching can decrease and even reverse age-connected muscle mass decline. Do 15 squats in every single advertisement split even though observing Television.”

eight. Change TO Environmentally friendly TEA

“Green tea is substantial in anti-oxidants that may possibly shield us from totally free radical injury,” states personalized coach Dewayne Charles. “There’s some proof that it can aid quell swelling, and battle wrinkles by escalating mobile turnover.”

nine. Shed SOME Excess weight

You understood this a single was coming, appropriate? “Obesity is connected to escalating stages of swelling and oxidative anxiety, contributing to most cancers, coronary heart illness and DNA injury,” states Lindsay.

10. SIT ON THE Ground …

… then get up once again, with no employing your palms or knees to aid you.

In a Brazilian review of far more than 2000 ageing individuals, these who ended up very best capable to handle this activity experienced a reduce incidence of all-trigger mortality than considerably less bodily able volunteers.

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