How can I stop mascara ending up under my eyes?

Q: How can I end mascara ending up underneath my eyes by the conclude of a evening out? Lara, 41

It is a widespread dilemma for numerous of us, particularly soon after a heat working day in the place of work or a evening out on the city. But panda eyes can be very easily prevented, in accordance to our specialist.

Our Attractiveness Expert Karen Sinclair-Drake says the key is to use a prolonged-long lasting, all-natural water-resistant mascara this sort of as Ere Perez Avocado Waterproof Mascara (£18.50) – the only all-natural water-resistant mascara on the industry! This is a a single-of-a-variety merchandise formulated with organic and natural avocado oils, that nourish and fortify lashes. This mascara will final from early early morning to final point at evening. It is ideal taken off just before slumber with a mild all-natural oil, this sort of as almond or jojoba. I also really like GreenPeople’s Volumising Black or Brown Mascara (£15.50) which includes all-natural cellulose micro-spheres to give exceptional quantity and the distinctive precision brush delivers superb lash definition.

Consider these skilled make-up suggestions to attain smudge-evidence, excellent lashes for your up coming unique event…

  1. Moisturise pores and skin as typical but do not utilize any underneath the eyes.
  2. Preferably, only utilize a single coat of mascara to the decrease lashes to minimise smudging.
  3. If you choose making use of far more than a single coat, wait around until finally it has totally dried just before making use of the next.
  4. Maintain to a greatest of two coats and individual lashes with a lash comb soon after every coat.



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