Is this the Best Anti-Ageing Skincare Supplement?


With so numerous beverages, tablets and powders promising everlasting youth, the buzz about merchandise professing to encourage young pores and skin grows louder every calendar year. Inside elegance merchandise, this kind of as collagen beverages, hair pores and skin and nails health supplements and all method of antioxidant powders you can insert to smoothies, are quick getting to be a have to-have addition to women’s elegance regimes throughout the United kingdom.

Even so, although loads of individuals beverages and tablets without doubt provide final results, some of them can be rather dear, usually location you back again much more than £100 for a month’s offer.

So is there an substitute? Properly, by likely further into the science powering what helps make up wholesome collagen in the very first location, you are going to find out vitamin C. Of course, normal, widespread or yard vitamin C – the things we get from oranges and tomatoes. Turns out, it is a single of the important constructing blocks of collagen, which retains pores and skin seeking wonderful, as nicely as becoming basic to your general wellbeing.

‘Vitamin C is essentially gas for your entire body – it is essential by so numerous procedures from head to toe,’ claims Dr Thomas E Levy, entire world-renowned skilled in vitamin C .

‘Not only does it assist in generating collagen, but it also aids your entire body to detox, most of which takes place by way of your pores and skin as you sweat. It is not the only antioxidant to assist, but it is definitely a single of the most essential,’ he provides.

Fascinated to find out its outcomes for myself, I underwent a a few-thirty day period demo of higher-toughness vitamin C making use of a liposomal dietary supplement known as Altrient C. Each sachet includes one,000mg, or a single gram, of the vitamin, encapsulated in a jelly-like material.

Individuals are usually suggested to get a routine maintenance dose of one,000mg a working day but I took three,000mg – or a few sachets (nicely, when I remembered. I’m not the ideal at sticking to routines, so some times it was two times, or after, or really from time to time not at all – I almost certainly require a memory- or target-boosting dietary supplement also!)


Most normal vitamin C tablets, capsules or powdered kinds have a tendency to be composed of ascorbic acid, which is the most widespread kind of vitamin C. Higher doses of much more than one,000mg a working day can, for some delicate folks, have facet outcomes of free stools, as it can irritate the abdomen lining, but that is the only facet influence your may well get.

‘There’s in fact no higher protected restrict on vitamin C – no a single has at any time endured severe facet outcomes from it even when making use of genuinely higher doses. You just have to locate a dose that functions for you, which indicates using it to the restrict of bowel tolerance, i.e. to the level exactly where it begins to give you gasoline and a bit free stools,’ claims Dr Levy.

Thankfully I did not encounter any facet outcomes in any respect with Altrient C, as it is distinct from the powders so does not trigger abdomen discomfort. As an alternative, the vitamin is suspended in a liposomal remedy – which means it is held in a fatty, jelly-like material.

Altrient C is included to h2o but does not dissolve

‘This shipping technique makes it possible for the vitamin to in fact get straight into your cells, by way of the mobile membrane, exactly where as ascorbic acid is much better at detoxifying your intestine,’ claims Dr Levy. This is possibly why liposomal vitamin C is becoming lauded for its pores and skin-smoothing rewards, as it in fact receives to exactly where it is essential.

But although Altrient has turn into a go-to for celebs this kind of as Gwyneth Paltrow, who is mentioned to use it on flights to ward off pores and skin dryness as nicely as any bugs hanging about in the stale cabin air, I individually do not significantly treatment for movie star endorsements – I constantly choose to examine items for myself relatively than get a celeb’s term for it (not that I would not believe in Gwyneth – she evidently understands a point or two about wellness!).

WHAT Results DID VITAMIN C HAVE ON MY Pores and skin?

Ahead of I began my demo, I experienced some amazingly in depth exams carried out, which includes a totally extensive blood take a look at by acupuncturist and natural drugs practitioner Jonathan Orchard  to evaluate ranges of natural vitamins and minerals as nicely hormones, cholesterol and all method of wellness markers (critically, if you want to get to the base of any wellness situation, THIS is the take a look at you require – it is the ideal).

I also frequented Santi Spa in Kensington , exactly where they have the UK’s only Cortex equipment that actions ranges of hydration, elasticity, collagen, TEWL (that is transepidermal h2o decline – the sum of dampness misplaced by way of the pores and skin) and erythema (redness) in moment depth.

Taking into consideration my pores and skin has constantly been amazingly dry – I’d go as much as to say desert-like most of the time – and now inclined to heaps of fantastic traces, I was absolutely up for looking at whether or not Altrient C would make any visible distinctions.

Right after a few months, I experienced to be trustworthy and say I could not see any massively seen alterations. I was not certain the elasticity experienced enhanced, nonetheless, the re-take a look at for equally blood and pores and skin confirmed some rather extraordinary final results. 

Ahead of and Right after photo of pores and skin cells right after three months of Vitamin C – enhanced thickness in white cells

My pores and skin elasticity shot up by 89 for each cent (Tariq, who did the exams at Santi Spa, mentioned this was the most significant improve he’d at any time observed) collagen experienced absent up by 39 for each cent – yet again, I’m instructed this is a massive advancement TEWL experienced reduced by 16 for each cent – a very good point as you do not want to be dropping h2o hydration amount experienced elevated by 17 for each cent and erythema (redness) declined by 16 for each cent also.

Probably simply because I’d been progressively obtaining utilized to the alterations I hadn’t genuinely discovered them, or that they have been using location further down. I will say my eczema enhanced in excess of the training course – however I also credit score a probiotic for this as given that commencing that final calendar year, my eczema appears to be way much better.

What in fact amazed me the most have been the inside advancements. Getting higher-dose vitamin C has quite a few wellness rewards, most of which are arguably much much more essential than pores and skin thickness….

Every sachet is modest and can be packed into your purse

SUPPORTING YOU By means of Anxiety

For a single, vitamin C receives depleted when you are pressured, as the adrenals require it to operate. The much more pressured you are, the much more vitamin C (and B natural vitamins) you are going to use up – your adrenals practically consume the things, in accordance to Dr Levy

Taking into consideration I’d been by way of a heck of a good deal of continual tension in my 20s – largely stressing incessantly about whether or not or not I was undertaking items ‘right’, which is this kind of a thief of joy and pleasure – it was no shock when in 2014 I did a blood take a look at and was instructed I experienced phase two adrenal tiredness (there are a few ranges, seemingly).

Your adrenals are what pump out adrenaline and cortisol to get tension below handle, and my entire body experienced been on overdrive, on and off, for about 13 several years. Getting higher blood sugar also places your entire body below much more tension and brings about the launch of insulin and cortisol. Ironically, when you are pressured you have a tendency to want to binge on sugary meals – at minimum I did – which however they offer instant convenience only provide to worsen the outcomes of tension in excess of time.

Cleansing UP MY Diet program

Given that 2015 I have created a concerted energy to massively decrease sugar ingestion for quite a few causes: to location significantly less tension on my entire body, to preserve blood sugar minimal, assist my enamel (I have so numerous fillings that I blame on my earlier extended-operating higher GI diet plan) and also my pores and skin. I know for a truth that each time I consume heaps of sugar in a single go my eczema will flare up. Most standard medical doctors deny the hyperlink among foods and pores and skin circumstances, but I have noticed time and yet again that the two are linked.

So exactly where does Altrient C occur in to all this? Properly, on the repeat blood take a look at, my thyroid and tension hormones have been enhanced, as have been my sexual intercourse hormones (bar a single, which is even now also higher). I did not do anything at all else distinct – and even ate some ‘bad’ meals in the course of the demo (I experienced Xmas to contend with!) so can only set the inside advancements down to the vitamin C.


Also, a few of instances in the course of the demo I felt a sore throat and chilly coming on. I was suggested to up my dose to five-six sachets a working day – you genuinely cannot OD on this things. And it entirely labored – the sore throat diminished and did not produce into a entire-blown chilly.

There are also research to demonstrate that higher-dose vitamin C (larger than the sum I took) can stave off or reverse most cancers, which you can find out much more about in Dr Levy’s  eye-opening ebook The Primal Panacea. I devoured the ebook on getaway and advocate you do the exact same if you’d like to find out much more about this extraordinary vitamin. It is currently the most generally acquired dietary supplement in the United kingdom, but nutritionists and purposeful drugs professionals say the advised quantities are woefully insufficient and require to be at minimum one,000 mg a working day minimal.

Primal Panacea by Dr Thomas E Levy, a vitamin C skilled

THE Magic formula TO Wonderful Well being AND Young Pores and skin?

Would I proceed to get Altrient C? Definitely. In truth right after the demo I requested a year’s value . Of course it is dear, but you get a low cost for bulk purchasing – it is usually about £35 for a thirty day period but decreases to £28 if you acquire 12, which is what I did.

And if you are undertaking it for anti-ageing and lowering wrinkles, just below £340 a calendar year is significantly less than a 3rd of the cost of most collagen beverages, in addition you get heaps of the exact same rewards. Do not get me improper, collagen beverages can function miracles also but they are an expense, price-clever.

We all require a entire spectrum of natural vitamins and minerals to be wholesome. But if you have been to just make a single wellness adjust or selection this calendar year, I’d genuinely advocate including Altrient C or an additional liposomal kind of vitamin C to your routine. I’m not becoming paid out to say this I truly consider there are so numerous wellness rewards to be experienced from it: preventing off colds, taking care of tension, detoxifying, standard anti-ageing internally – much better-seeking pores and skin is just the sugar-totally free icing on the cake.

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